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Distressed Ballroom

by Diner's Club

Meijer Waltz (free) 01:14
Danielle and I have nothing to do Traffics too bad to go to the zoo Something that's free, our need is dire We'll go walk all of the aisles at Meijer We'll look at the shoes, look at the clothes Talk about eating some raw cookie dough The people are weird, but hey so are we Let's look at potted plants in aisle three Meijer Waltz
Kwosek Waltz (free) 01:08
I know this guy named Ryan We get along just fine Although we disagree well over half the fucking time One thing we agree on Is that we love to waltz So forget about your other probs And throw out all your faults Kwosek Waltz
Jumbo Waltz (free) 01:36
Jumbo Tsuruta the strongest all time Jumbo Tsuruta died at 49 Jumbo Tsuruta, first Triple Crown Champ Jumbo Tsuruta put it on the map Clashed with Kobashi, Misawa, and Stan Taue and Kawada and all of Japan Jumbo Tsuruta first Triple Crown Champ Jumbo Tsuruta put it on the map Jumbo Waltz
Matt Wolek Waltz (free) 02:01
Matts a talent, pure as driven snow I asked him if he wanted on this show He said he'd text me back later on When he text'd me back he just said no Matt Wolek Waltz
IWA Waltz (free) 01:23
What is this? It's just a game What is this? I can't explain What is this? I swear it's fun What is this? Okay I'm done Stop asking questions. It's the IWA Waltz IWA Waltz
Go Rocky Romero Get the win Rocky Romero My favorite gaijin But Robbie Eagles Is in the way So Rocky Romero Won't win today Best Of Super Juniors Waltz


Recorded between 2018 and 2019.


Dedicated to Aunt Terri


released October 31, 2019

Jake - Everything
Casio - The Rest




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