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The Dead Dreams of the Common Millennial

by Zbyszko Cracker




"Hey, it's Jake. Just wanted to call and see if you were out, sounds like you are. Give me a call when you get back home, I've got some good news about this decent promotion I got at work. Good thing I went to school and got my Bachelor's. I know Dad thought it was a waste of money, but now I'll be able to retire around the same age he did. Have you seen the news about this "internet" thing? I heard a little bit about it on the news but I missed most of the story. Hoping someone else was able to catch it. Anyways, the old woman down the street from me needs someone to snow-blow her driveway. She helped me with my garden over the summer and I wanna do the neighborly thing and return the favor. You know how important a strong community is to me. Just like the street we grew up on. Remember how hot it was last summer? I think it reached about 95 once or twice. This winter is so cold, I can't wait to get back to June. We had so much snow dumped on us this past December, I wouldn't care if we never had a white Christmas ever again. Anyways, give me a call when you get back in. I'll be tinkering around in the garage. Finally put a TV in there! It's our old black and white one, but it's nice. Got a little space heater in there too so I dont freeze. The wife calls it my "clubhouse." You should come see it. O-tay, I'll catch you later."



released February 1, 2022
For Connor, who introduced me to sound collage, and is a never-ending source of inspiration.




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