Aggressive Jazz

by IM Cunj

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Recorded at the 7th Street Space in DeKalb, IL and the CAVE in Palatine, IL between June 2016 and May 2017.

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Connor McNenrey.

Dedicated to Charles and Waydin McNerney.


released May 19, 2017

Connor McNerney- Guitars and vocals
Jake Joyce - Drums




Brown Bear Records Rolling Meadows, Illinois

All things Brown Bear for all our friends!

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Track Name: Dreamer
We'll get banished for this
We'll get banished for this for sure
We'll be punished for this
We'll be punished for this for sure

Stay, stay, stay
No, go, go, go
The more you sleep
The less you know

I'm such a quitter
You're a dreamer having nightmares all the time,
Just waiting for the future to crumble
Behind bloodshot eyes, where I'm trying to find
A momentary weary smile
A revolutionary sigh

You're such a kidder
I'm a dreamer having nightmares all the time
Just waiting for the future to crumble
Behind bloodshot eyes, where I'm trying to hide
A momentary weary smile
A revolutionary sigh
Track Name: Peterman
It was the first of May when I first saw your face
You were hunkered down waiting thought the
Race, the chase, the pace of all the passers-by
The look behind those bright eyes
But I came and I saw, picked you up, took you home
With me

Now I can't imagine life without you
How did I ever truly live?

On bad days you make me,
Sofa King, glad to be alive
Sofa King, I love you
Every day, Sofa King,
I make believe you'll never die
Sofa King, I need you

It was the end of June when I packed you up
Put you in the car and drove you up
To a magic place, starry-eyed face
A shot into peaceful space with majestic grace
You bolted, I shouted, you came back, and I grinned
So happy that you wouldn't leave me

Because I can't imagine life without you
How would I ever truly live?
Track Name: To The Woods
Society, Civilization
Slowly fades away
In the rearview mirror

Solitude, Isolation
Is what we're building towards
You're gaze out the window

Our minds are toxic
And there's no better way to spend the dying day

With that look on your face
There's no better place
Than the hell that's in our heads

It's easier said,
We're better off dead
But we won't spend all day in bed
Track Name: Dirty Records
I don't know who I am
I don't know where I'm going today or for the rest of my days
I just don't understand
Why does the weight of the world rest upon all our heads

I ponder this
On the long drives home
From a job that I hate (and want to quit)
I take a deep break, go to bed, wake up, do it all again

Is this really what I've become?
A whiny piece of shit complaining about all these little things?
Is this really all I have?
I sink into the night on the back porch with a beer and book in hand

And I can't resist
The static tone
Of those dirty records (on the stereo)
As I stand up, stare ahead, and take off never looking back again

Away I go
Off into my head again
Wishing this moment would never end
Track Name: Waydin
Waydin-Don't let the world get you down
Waydin-Don't let 'em treat you like a clown
Waydin-Don't let 'em fuck you up inside
Waydin-Don't let 'em force you to forget-
About the hope you hold in site!

Waydin-The world is a scary place
Waydin-They'll try to rub it in your face
Waydin-It's all about how you handle it
Waydin-Alway remember that you should-
Never quite, Waydin

Use your voice, Waydin
It's your choice, Waydin
Track Name: Canvas & Carnage
There's a painting on my wall
Tells a tale of another time
Seems so much better than this one
There's a man in a coonskin cap
Looking off into the Rockies
He is still, yet says a thousand words

And I can't tell
If it's him or I
Starring off into nothing
Off to a better place
As time crawls
Into the moment
Destroying everything

I take the painting from the wall
Rest it upon a wooden chair
Hold in a deep breath, finish off the beer
I smile into the light
That is radiating from the clock
Smash the bottle, press my face into the glass
Track Name: Mint
1, 2 -Lace up my shoe
3, 4 - Kick down the door
5, 6 - Chucking bricks
7, 8 - Misjudge my fate
9, 10 - Let's do it again

All we are, are all the place
Of where we've been and where we come from
All we are, are all the faces
Of whom we've met and have befriended
The who, the why, the where, the when
We're all the same in the end

There's deviation across the nation
From a bitter past, miscommunication
They've caused it all, so not we fall
Into the vortex trapped behind a wall

I need a mint
Give me a mint

All this pressure of an unknown measure
Will kill us all if we don't find the cure
We need to relax, or we will relapse
Into a broken future caused by these present cracks

Thanks for the mint
Track Name: Earthquakes
It was a bright Spring day
When I got that call
Your dad had passed
And left us all
It was a bright Spring day
When I got that call
My granddad had passed
And left us all

A single fall from grace
I brace myself

As my heart aches
And my hands shake
Time stands still through these earthquakes
Reluctant rest
Reacquiring past
We feel destroyed though we do our best

Pictures crash
Leaving a dust-free silhouette
Like an open gash
Door frames quiver
Memories of you passing through
My spine shivers
But we carry on
Sing an upbeat song
Try to keep a pep in our step
It's all we can do
While we're missing you
Wish it didn't have to be this way

Rock on
Roll on
Track Name: Learn to Breathe
Deep breath, bitter air
Exhale the reminder of why we are all here
Look up, stars tossed
Remnants of ourselves that will soon be lost

(This is breaking down)

Buried head, sleep sound
A distant memory of first walking upon ground
Dancing waves, subtle breeze
The realization of the lies our eyes perceive

(This is giving up)

We never learned how, or how not to breathe
We just figured it out when we were born
We need to learn now how to sink
We need to learn before we drown

Listen close, turning gears
Touch, taste, feel all the beauty that resides here

To the ocean
From where the sun comes
To where the world falls
To where our blood runs
From the forest
To where the moon crawls
From where the stars sing
To where we spawn from
Back to that perfect day
That we spent in the city
Walked the busy streets
You looked so pretty
Back to when I was born
In the hospital
My mom shed tears of joy
What a mess I would become
Track Name: Trash
I got a sixer and a pack of smokes
I put a padlock on the door
I'm not leaving until there is something
Bleeding from my core

But I can't think of a single fucking thing to say

We're been here all before
The "artists" that we are
Trying to make the old new

This is all we know
This is all we have

And I know - You've heard this all before
I just can't help myself-
Yeah, I try to be different,
But I'm getting too old
And it doesn't make any difference-
Anymore - We've tried this all before
But we just can't help ourselves-
In this age that we're living
It doesn't pay to be different
Just need to learn when to give in

Is this cryptomnesia
Or straight plagiarism?

Trash, won't pick it up, take them lights away
Trash, won't pick it up, don't take your life away