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by Gazelle! Gazelle!

Self-Worth (free) 06:23
10200 Burning the Mule (free) 08:24
Untitled (free) 05:14


I found this tape while looking through a pile of cassettes the other day. An old recording from a Gazelle! Gazelle! practice sometime during the summer of 2006. I swear to God that we were the first band to do the whole “double the animal name, add the exclamation points“ thing. I saw that shit everywhere a year after we broke up and I was like, “What the fuck? There‘s no way a bunch of different people had the same idea around the same time.“ We live in a crazy world, ya know?

Anyways, all I can remember about being in this band is that we drank a ton of Mickey‘s, constantly wore tank tops, listened to Atom and His Package all the time, and thought that a 5 minute song was too short. I have no idea what we were thinking. I can barely play a half an hour set now.

Super lo-fi midwest emo-core. Two of these songs were eventually recorded in Chris Regalado‘s basement and sounded way better. But life is too short for quality, gnomesayin‘.

The picture on the cover is definitely not from 2006, but it‘s hilarious and I couldn‘t find the one I was looking for originally.


released April 6, 2014

Billy Yang - Vocals and guitar

Tim Joyce- Bass and thighs of steel

Jake Joyce- Drums and delusions of grandeur




Brown Bear Records Palatine, Illinois

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