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Condenado Al Infierno

by El Oeste

I crawled from a war with a slug in my side and the taste of death danced on my lips. With the cold of the night loomin' close behind, the earth seemed to pull me below. The Devil met me by a dead oak tree, right off of an old dirt road. A storm was brewin' on the blood red 'rizon and the devil gave me a smile. He told me if I came to him, I'd live past the greatest-great of my kin. Pulled a blackened splinter from the jacket of his rock eyed drape. The terms were laid out in full on weathered human husk. Only a sanguine mark could buy my salvation. Old Scratch dug his writer into my open side, (And) Removed the ink of life; I sold my soul.
Demonspeak 01:56
Esperando 04:04
For six years, I've carried the weight of this godless covenant. When all the nails and the flesh are gone, am I to gnaw on bone? Is this reality or am I dreaming in some dying state? Maybe this waiting is Hell. If I'm to be vilified, when will my burning path be laid? I've accepted what I'll become. I've accepted the end. Like a convict awaiting the gallows, impatiently biding my time, While the 'cutioner tightens his rope until the twine, itself, begs for relief. It's a constant reminder, (the) burning signet left in my side. The devil sowed seeds in the chasm which will manifest Nebro in me.
What’s he seen that he’s lost all them years? Must got no family to know that he’s here. This vagabond soul; how’d he end up like this? A man at the end of a rope that’s long been frayed. What makes a man a man, If every empty breath makes him feel worse than before? Does the memory in his bones hold meaning enough when his face seems just a mask? What makes a man a man? The kid’s got such a lifeless stare, And he brings a stench of death that hangs in the air. I know the dirt ‘neath his nails ain’t that southern clay. This unravelling length has clearly seen too much. Good God!
Regret 02:26
When I wake from this world and find my gaze below the dirt, Will I be the man I set out to become? When my feet have carried their load to the place where death takes hold, Will I have any delusions of a mistake? I think not. With all that I done wrong, led me to a forgiveness song, But God, he won't listen to my melody. And on the day when I fall to knees, like a faithful aims to please, Will he life me up into undying light? I think not.
If I'm to be condemned to Hell, be it by my own hands. If I'm to walk those sulfur streets, I'll be my own guide. I've seen the sweet face of innocence marred by the kiss of flame; For that I'll float in the river descending. There's an engine that burns across the West, 'Til the tracks find their end at the shores of desperation, Where I'll be judged and sent to Hell. I hear the whistle howlin' now. And my ticket's been paid, as I atone across steel. Godspeed, death stag. Godspeed to Charon's mouth. Godspeed. (Ten piedad de esta alma torturada, dios del cielo)


With your download of Condenado Al Infierno, you’ll also receive ‘The Last Words of Owen McShain’; a letter that provides bonus details and insight to the events that take place during the record.


released February 2, 2021

El Oeste is Josh Klemp and Kevin Zeiger
Violin and Viola: Jeremy Eberhard
Cello: Cassandra Schneider

Recorded in the Fall/Winter of 2020
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room




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