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Annual Country

by White Trash Heroes

Shower Beef 02:11
Lathered up/Nowhere to go Eyes wide shut/When I gotta go Cheeks clenched tight/I need relief So what's the harm/With a little shower beef? Smash-mash-mash-mash down the drain With those poopy toes All clogged up/Nowhere else to go It's filling up/So deeper with my toes
Tall Order 02:40
I found bigfoot late last night He followed me all the way home I'm finding footprints outside my windows He just won't leave me alone Go on home/Sasquatch Now I'm finding love letters written in shit Riddled with X's and O's Turn off the lights get ready for bed Find him laying there fully boned No means no/Sasquatch
Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard To get her dog a snack The cupboard was bare. she didn't despair She let Rover munch on her crack - Oh! Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater Whacked off in a movie theater Sprayed his load across the screen And ruined Titanic's final scene - Oh! Party like you're Dice Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet Eating her curds and whey Along came a spider, who sat down beside her And said, "Hey, what's in the bowl, bitch?" - Oh! Little Bo Peep fucked her sheep Blew her horse, licked him feet She ate his ass so very nice Tongued his balls not once, but twice - Oh!
Geezer Fever 02:45
Walmart greeter, 80-year-young Peter Tripped and fell, his old mouth met my arm His dentures sunk in, breaking the skin I shoved him off as blood sprayed everywhere Now my hair is graying, and my hearing's failing Gallons of prune juice, watching Murder, She Wrote Now my hips are aching, and these Depends need changing Early bird special, to bed by 4PM I got geezer fever, this I know I got geezer fever, Yeah! I'm yelling at anyone touching my lawn I'm driving 20 under the speed limit And I just don't care No, I just don't care Yeah, I just don't care - No!


16 years after the demo, here's the EP.

Half-assed music video for "Geezer Fever":


released February 11, 2020

Zack - Drums
Connor - Guitars




Brown Bear Records Palatine, Illinois

All things Brown Bear for all our friends!

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